Welcome to Abundant Life Church of Warrenton!

Who We Are

We are a company of believers, a family that believes that we not only have the privilege of being freed from our past but are given a glorious now and an even more glorious future.

The purpose of the cross was more than to deal with the sin issue. It is more than an Easter story. It is the power of a transformed life. We’re freed from our past and released to be an influence in our world.

To be a new creation, free to live out our created value. We practice the act of communion as the Lord’s Supper, the commandment of water baptism, and we embrace the baptism of the Spirit for every believer.

Our core values are to create a culture of honor that sees everyone with their created value and demonstrating honor by living with a generous heart.

What to Expect

When you come to Abundant Life Church in Warrenton you will first find a warm family atmosphere with people who are deeply passionate. There are people from diverse backgrounds with one common value: the heart for the presence of Jesus.

Our worship is filled with celebration and a commitment to express the value of the creator that has come to live inside us humans. You can expect our worship experience to include times of prayer, invitation for personal ministry and spontaneous song. It is felt that since worship will be the anthem of heaven that we should give it equal value while bringing heaven to earth.

The ministry of the Word is intended to bring us into the finished work of the cross. We believe that the believer should really be Christ in the earth. Not just learning to love but becoming love, not incorporating God into our lives but to put our lives in His.